Land Transactions


There are several surviving archival collections of old documents in Newfoundland pertaining to property ownership. Amongst these collections are found a number of grants, deeds, sales, transfers, mortgages, wills, etc. involving people and property at Caplin Bay. These transactions were recorded in various Colonial Office papers, old court records, old deeds books, probate records, Crown Lands records, and private family collections. Most of them held at several repositories throughout St. John's, mainly under the administration of the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The links below provide access to transcriptions of a number of these old documents, plus some information extracted from newspapers and the Journals of the Newfoundland House of Assembly. I have made every effort to accurately transcribe these documents as they were written. However, in some cases, due to document damage or illegibility, some information may be replaced with question marks to indicate that I am uncertain of a word or number. In the interest of transcribing these documents, so that they are intelligible to a modern reader, some basic punctuation, spacing, and indentation may have been added. However, the original spellings, capitalization, and contractions have been retained so that the reader gets a better sense of the appearance of the originals documents.



Land Transactions - Calvert (Caplin Bay), Newfoundland.

Documented land or property transactions at, or pertaining to residents of, Calvert (Caplin Bay).

For detailed definitions of some of the legal terms used in these documents, please refer to:  Legal Terms in Wills and Land Records.


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