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Margaret Ellen (Aylward) Grant



Clipping courtesy of Enid O'Brien

Evening Telegram - May 17, 1946 - Mrs. W. J. Grant

There passed away suddenly at her home, 42 Pennywell Rd on Friday, May 10, at midnight, Margaret, beloved wife of William J. Grant. The deceased lady who was unwell for some time was about her usual tasks during the day and at night had attended a social at Presentation Convent and had just returned home when she was stricken. Despite the efforts of her devoted family & attending physician Dr J. O. Fraser, it was soon realized that her sojourn on earth was finished and surrounded by her family and receiving the administration of Holy Mother Church at the hands of Rev. R. T. McGrath, she breathed her last.
The late Mrs. Grant was widely known for devotion to her large family, her faith in, and her attention, to the precepts and teaching of her Holy Catholic Church whose highest ideals she typified in her daily life.
Less well known but no less appreciated by a large number of people was her outstanding charity, and many a prayer has been offered for the repose of the soul of a truly Christian & charitable lady by many, who had cause to remember one who had remembered them in their sorrows and difficulties.
Left to mourn her sad passing are her husband, ex-manager of the West End Board of Liquor Control Store; 5 daughters Mrs. P.M. Duggan, Mrs. E.J. Hruska, Guttenberg, N. Jersey, Margaret, of the Dept of Public Works, Hilda & Stella at home; 4 sons, Richard at Parker & Monroe West End Branch, Vincent at Capital Theater, William of Gus Winter's Ltd. and Edmund salesman at the Union Aerated Co. The funeral was held on Sunday at 2:30 to the Cathedral where the last prayers were read by Rev. M.F. Connolly and interment was in the family plot at Belvedere.
The writer who has cause to know her many outstanding qualities joins with the numerous friends of the family in extending deepest sympathy to them on the death of a devoted wife and mother whose first thoughts were always for their physical and moral welfare and can think of no worthier farewell than the time honored prayer of her church. Requiescat in Pace.

Transcription courtesy of Audrey Swain.

Information per The (Evening) Telegram, St. John's, Newfoundland.


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