Family Names of Calvert (Caplin Bay), Newfoundland

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Family: Jean Baptiste Publow / Lucinda Glascott (F2008)

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John Glascott
Male (1760-1817)
Susannah Tree
Female (1765-1818)
Sarah Glascott
Female (1790-1870)
Anne Glascott
Female (1794-1795)
Francis Glascott
Male (1795- )
Anne Glascott
Female (1800-1867)
John Glascott
Male (1802-1871)
William C. Glascott
Male (1805-1875)
Jean Baptiste Publow
Male (1795-1840)
Lucinda Glascott
Female (1795-1845)
William Publow
Male (1823-1901)
John Publow
Male (1824-1877)
Francis Publow
Male (1825-1896)
Joseph A. Publow
Male (1827-1864)
George Publow
Male (1832-1906)
James Publow
Male (1833-1911)

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