Courageous Souls


Courageous Souls - The Early History and Founding Families of Caplin Bay (Calvert), Newfoundland is a self-published paperback book. First printed on September 25, 2019, it contains 327-pages presented in a 15.24 cm. x 22.86 cm. (6" x 9") format.

The first three chapters of this book explore the early history of Caplin Bay, up to and including the year 1800. A census document completed in that year identifies all individuls, deemed to be members of a resident family unit, living in the southern Ferryland District in the winter of 1799/1800. Later chapters of the book identify and profile the names of its early Irish and English settlers, and when and where they established their homes in this coastal inlet.

Although the ancestral footprint of some families is now very faint, this book seeks to 'flesh out' the presence of most Caplin Bay families up to the Newfoundland Census of 1921. On January 30th in the year following this census, this small fishing settlement, located on the east coast of what is now known as the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, was renamed Calvert.

While some early family names still have a strong presence at Calvert, other surnames have disappeared over the years due to emigration, relocation, or the absence of male heirs. The family overviews contained in this book should serve as an index to the Family Trees database of this website. References found in this book will hopefully assist with the tracing of individuals from Caplin Bay (Calvert) who resettled in other parts of Newfoundland, the rest of Canada, the United States, and other worldwide locations.



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From a local point of view, in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, this book is carried under the Indigo banner, at Coles - Avalon MallColes - The Village Shopping Centre and  Chapters - St. Johns. It would be wise to contact these stores to ensure that the book is in stock. For the most part, the books are printed in and shipped from the United States, so occasionally the receipt of replacement book stocks may be subject to printing, transportation, and/or weather-related shipping delays.

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